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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your cakes cost?

Custom cake prices begin at $100, and vary depending on size & decoration. 

View our Pricing page for sizes & price range.  Our cakes average $5-12 per serving.

Contact us for a quote!

Do you make simple, ready-made, or sheet cakes?

Our business is focused on creating custom centerpiece cakes to elevate your special occasions!  So while we are happy to offer simple cakes to accompany large orders, our minimum order is $100.  Visit our sister business Cheeky Monkey Cakes for simple cake options!

Can you make my cake look like the inspiration picture?

We will do our best to work with you to fulfill any design requests for your perfect wedding or custom cake, but please be aware that we will rarely be able to replicate someone else’s cake design exactly, and that colours may not be exact.

How early should I book my order?

We recommend booking custom cakes at least two weeks in advance.  It's never too early to book your date, especially if it will be during wedding season (May to October) as we fill up early!

We recommend booking weddings 6-12 months in advance.  We are the Sunshine Coast's largest wedding cake supplier, so we fill up pretty far in advance for wedding season (May to October).  View our current availability on our Contact page!

Please note that we do fill up early, so two weeks notice for a celebration cake or 6-12 months notice for a wedding cake, does not guarantee you a spot.  Please contact us to book your date!

How do I place an order?  Can I call you?  Do you take walk-in orders?

Unfortunately our cake studio is not open to the public, and we only accept cake orders, deposits, and payments online.  We have many years of experience making the order & deposit process very easy online, which especially helps our clients who do not live locally.

Please send us the details for your event, and we will respond to you within two business days with a quote or a request for more information!

We do not use a business phone or book meetings in person to discuss cakes, as we find that having every detail in writing and emailed inspiration pictures are crucial to creating the perfect cake for you!

Please note that we cannot book a date without some idea of size & design, as we need to know how much time to reserve to create your order!

Contact us here or email inspiration pictures to sweetathenacakecompany@gmail.com 

We look forward to hearing from you!

How do wedding cake flowers work?

We find the most client satisfaction when we decorate cakes with flowers you've ordered yourself, so that you can make sure to have the exact types, colours, and quantities you wish!  Please simply ask your florist to have the flowers of your choosing added to your order and ready for us to pick up the day before your wedding, and we will add them to your cake!

If you aren't particular about the flowers, we'll try to find the best to suit your needs.

Do you offer cake tastings?

For orders of 50+ servings, we'll happily provide 3-4 flavour samples for you to pick up at our sister company, Cheeky Monkey Cakes, with no charge to you.   Smaller orders may request 3-4 flavour samples for a $20 fee.

We do require at least one week's notice, and samples are subject to date availability.

We do not offer samples during July, August, or September.

Do you deliver?  How long can the cake stay un-refrigerated?

Yes, we do offer delivery between Egmont and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast BC (fees vary).

Please have your STURDY cake table ready in a FLAT, LEVEL, SHADY location for the cake, and either communicated or marked clearly as the cake table to prevent confusion at delivery.

Please let us know if the address is difficult to find, involves any steep or bumpy driveways, and if there will be parking available for us near the cake table.  Large cakes can surprisingly heavy, so we need to plan accordingly.  If you do not communicate difficult driveways to us, we DO NOT guarantee the condition of your cake upon delivery!

We do not allow pick-up of large cakes, as it’s very easy to damage a large cake in hot weather on our windy Coastal roads.  We do permit pick-up of smaller cakes.

Cakes require refrigeration until close to serving time. We are happy to deliver at any time of day/evening to make this convenient for you! Please don't plan for your wedding cake to sit unprotected all afternoon/evening or in direct sun, as it will melt!  If you disregard this advice, we DO NOT guarantee the condition of your cake following delivery. Remember, buttercream will soften and melt at the same temperature that butter does, which is pretty fast in warm weather!

Do you provide cake stands?

Yes, we are happy to add a cake stand to your order, although it's best to give us a lot of notice as we cannot purchase them locally.  Larger cakes may rent our large, silver-plated footed stand for a beautiful and sturdy display.

How do we serve the cake?

The cake will be assembled with a waxed cardboard cake board underneath each tier to increase stability and make cutting and serving the cake easier. There will also be small dowels under each tier to help support the structure of the cake during transport and display. The dowels are easily seen as each tier is removed, and easy to pull out or cut around.  We are happy to provide a cutting chart to ensure you are able to cut enough servings, please let us know if you would like one!

We reserve the right to photograph our cakes/cupcakes and use them for our advertising. We do absolutely love seeing the professional photos, so please feel free to send your professional pictures with us to share!

Wedding cake & pies, Sunshine Coast BC, 2018

Wedding cake & pies, Sunshine Coast BC, 2018